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NEW 15 DAY UNL. $42 +TAX


13317 Moorpark St.

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

No Contracts Ever



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Take Your Pick From Our Special Offers

We want you to look and feel good, so we are offering one time deals for your first visit. Present our coupons indicated below to get a big discount when you try out our services.

Traditional Tanning Coupon

Regular Wolff beds for 30 days unlimited for only $31* with no contract needed.

Bring this coupon and get your choice of two Orbit beds or two stand-up tanning booths. This offer is available to first-time customers only. You can also bring an image of this coupon on your phone to use our promo. Please be advised that there is a $8 down payment for this offer.

If you start with the 2 visits, for $8 you can subtract it from the price of the special for $31 for a 30-day unlimited regular bed plus 2 orbits or 2 stand-ups and no contract for first time customers.

One month unlimited regular tanning bed usage for only $42* with no contract needed. You get two free uses of either Orbit beds or stand-up tanning booths when you sign up for this offer. This promo is valid for all customers. 

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Other Tanning Prices:

2 tans** for $7.27*( first-time customers only)

6 tans** for $36*

14 tans** for $63*

1 use of Orbit or stand up booth** for $16* (special 2 visits For $23.64 ( all customers)

*10% tax will be added to all UV tanning because of the US healthcare overhaul that was signed into federal law.

**No expiration on visits.

Orbit Beds and Stand Up Booths Coupon

We offer unlimited uses of Orbit tanning beds or stand up tanning booths for only $50.You can get two Orbits for only $15*. After using your two Orbits, you can use the $15* as down payment for the $50* offer. This offer is available to first time customers only. Bring this coupon for 30 days of tan all-you-can.

Our regular price for unlimited Orbit bed and stand up booth usage is $67*. Try our tanning services today to experience a big discount.

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The regular prices for 12 min. Orbit bed or 8 min. stand up booth is listed below. If you choose a package that offers more than one use, you can split the uses with a friend.

2 use of Orbit or stand up booth** for $23.64

4 uses of Orbit or stand up booth** for $45*

7 uses of Orbit or stand up booth** $63*

16 uses of Orbit or stand up booth** $122 *

35 uses of Orbit or stand up booth** $245*

*10% tax will be added to all UV tanning because of the US healthcare overhaul that was signed into federal law.

**No expiration on visits.

An Attractive Skin Tone From Spray Tans

  • Mystic spray tan regular prices
  • No need for coupon
  • 1 Session only $23
  • 4 Sessions only $79
  • 10 Sessions only $182

Find the Tan to Match Your Skin

Here at Suntans To Go Inc., we have an array of services that will help you get the right skin tone you want. Come on over to our tanning salon in Sherman Oaks, California and we will assist you to achieve an excellent tan.

Get the Right Glow with Our Help

If you want professionals who will assist you in getting the bronze skin tone you want, then look no further. If you want to reach a level 3 tan, scan our list to find the service you are looking for:

Our Services and Customer Guarantees

  • Traditional Tanning*

  • Customer Choice of Clear only

  • Mystic Spray Tan Application
  • Bulbs are Replaced Every 450 Hours
  • No Hidden Contracts

  • Professional Staff

  • 10%DHA

*Our prices do not include 10% tax on UV tanning

**Longer lasting odorless sunless tan solution at no extra charge for level 3 tanners.

Equipment and Products We Offer

  • Orbit Bed

  • One Original Mystic Spray Booths
  • All Lotions Marked Down 50%

  • Regular Bed

  • Mystic Spray Tan

10% DHA

Custom Airbrush Experiences

We are so sorry we are not offering custom airbrush at this time.

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